On 15 of March 2012, I submitted my resignation letter, officially ending my 3 years tenure with this company. It was as a result of series of event that happens in such perfect timing. Let me start with my expectation towards my manager.

Moving to my current company as an experienced person, I only have 2 expectation from my manager. And none of this relates to money. First, I want to be measured by result . I believe that each individual has their own way to do things, and as long as it didn’t contradict the code of conduct, I should be free to do they way I want it to be done.

Second thing, I want to do the work for a reason. I am not applying for militaristic way of working, in which you have to do things because somebody told you so, no question asked, no negotiation. I’m upholding this 2 principles and get along quite well in the last 3 years, until ealier in 2012.

I was asked to work on a project that I has done before. Doing this project is basically throwing me 5 years back in my profesional career. While initially I object and ready to quit the job, I came to my sense, and instead, emphasize on my experience to get job level adjustment. I push my way to the director of this company, only to get him violating my principle. And worse, he simply refuse to even review my level, simply because I haven’t prove to this company that I can do better. In other words, he nullify my previous 8 years experience.

At the lowest point, I got a call from another company, offering a position. I got several job offer few months back, which I turn down simply because I’m quite comfortable working at this company. The job is not perfect, but bearable up to this point. But when someone throw you 5 years back, and another open a door to move forward, the choice is very clear.

The interview process takes not too long. From my first interview until they make an offer took 1.5 months, and another 2 weeks of negotiation until we got an agreement. Time that is to short for the director to realize his mistake.

And when I submitted my resignation letter, it is already too late. I turn down his offer, which might be good enough before I make my decision. But when I make a decision, there will be no turnig back. On 30 April 2012, I will officially ending my career here to start at a new place


“Stay hungry, stay foolish”. The words written at the back cover of the whole earth catalog made an impression on me from Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. It reminds me to keep hungry to try new thing, to be foolish enough to make mistake and learn from it.

Giving it a further thought brings me back to the time during college and early career. As a college student, I must admit that I don’t really thought about the future. Having fun, and skipping class was what I did together with friends. It was only luck that brings me an opportunity to become lab assistant. I was thinking “why not? I can do this”. It is through this channel that brought my first job, from which I grow my career today.

During my early career, the thought of having my own income allow me to try new things that I always want to do. I took scuba diving course, went diving as far as my income allows. From fellow scuba diver that I was introduced to the biggest food and travel community in Jakarta. This allows me to try another thing, to go to the most secret dining place in Jakarta, and expose me to the world of independent travelling. And fate introduce me to a woman, which now become my wife.

My college time and early career has a similarity: it was done with a young mind. It is pure, not yet contaminated by office politic nor makind ends meet. It is hungry for experience, and foolish enough not to afraid making mistake, and learn from it.

I wish myself these thing in 2012: stay young, stay hungry, stay foolish. Happy new year 2012

The process of destruction is always linked with pain, sorrow, and other unpleasant condition. Creative Destruction is not an exception. It is also linked with all those unpleasant conditions, and from it, a new spirit creativity arise and another door of opportunity opens for those who make through it.

“Who Moved my Cheese” probably the best words to describe creative destruction process in the workplace. When someone has been working on a specific job for almost 8 years that, although it is a dynamic job, it become more like daily chores, then the creative destruction process must begin. A new cheese must be found, so that we are not bored with the same taste of cheese.

It is unpleasant, of course. It is full of uncertainty, and excess baggage from the previous role.  But the uncertainty sparks the spirit of waking up and facing what the uncertainty has to offer.

The creative destruction has just begun

KL Sentral is definitely one of the most excellent transportation hubs in Asia. It connects the urban train (LRT and Monorail), intercity train heading to Singapore and other part of Malaysia, and the KLIA Express, the express train which will take you to KL Airport in 30 minutes.
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Almost all of the resorts provide full range of water activity, like banana boat or Jet Ski. The nearest resort is Bidadari Island, located around 30 minutes from Marina Ancol by Speed Boat. According to my own experience, it is quite an old resort, although they have a beautiful white-sands beach, the room is not too nice. The food is also standard.
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