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Today I turned 39. I was pondering of what to write on my 39th Birthday. I wanted to avoid the typical last year reflection, bla…. bla… bla… It is too cheesy.And then I found this writing about Life Restart Button.

I think, after 39 years of life in this world, I have so much things that I wanted to change, that I’m not really proud of. Things that, if I knew the future, I would certainly won’t do that things. Of course it is not fair, because nobody should be able to predict the future with 100% precision. Hence, the Life Restart Machine would sounds fair. You restart your life, with no knowledge of the future. And whatever you do will set you to a new future.

But, I don’t want to restart my life entirely. I don’t want to go back to my infancy, the time when I don’t even recall. So, a life reset machine sounds better for me. It has a keypad where you put the year to reset to, and when you are ready, push the big red button, and ZAP.

My version of Life Reset Machine. Put in the year, and push the big red button

So, if the machine does exist, which year will I reset to? I have several years that I’m considering to reset to:

  1. My teenage year of high school. I always wanted to learn to play keyboard. So, if I can reset to these years, I will learn to play keyboard. Who knows that I would become a professional keyboard player, and become famous?
  2. The day I choose my major in college. This might not bring much changes, considering how much I despise economics. But, given the chance, there might be slim possibility that I will choose economics as my major. This should ideally followed by taking tax consultant exam, so at the and of the day, I would become a tax consultant. Tax is the 2nd thing that you can’t avoid in life other than death, right? So, a tax consultant might be equivalent to doctor here.
  3. The day I graduated. This also probably give little change, if any. I would started my own business early on, or work as professional instead of employee. I would grow and develop my network, and one day in this life, I would have my business running well enough that I don’t need to spend too much time in it, and can spend more time with my kids. This of course assuming that I will get married and have kids.

So now the cheesy part to close this post. I was happy on how the year past by, and wish myself a better health and life free of pain. Happy 39th Birthday.


Rasanya sebuah kebohongan besar kalau di hari ulang tahun ke 32 sama seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Melihat birthday wish saya tahun lalu, saya diingatkan bahwa salah satu dari wish tersebut sudah terpenuhi: Merayakan ulang tahun dengan sang Istri :D. And if you ready this, the small celebration last night was nice :D.

Di kantor, seperti hari-hari sebelumnya, belum banyak yang masuk setelah libur panjang Lebaran. Tidak lama setelah saya duduk, saya dihampiri oleh para admin, mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun. Dan bukan cuma itu, somehow mereka pun mulai nyanyi. Tentu saja, keributan kecil ini langsung memancing orang-oranglain untuk ikut datang, sambil mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun. For all my office friends, a huge thanks for the Birthday Wishes.

Pagi ini, saat sedang mandi, mendadak saya terpikir akan ulang tahun saya 11 tahun yang lalu, tanggal 17 September 1999. Saat yang tepat mungkin, saat kita sendirian di hari Ulang Tahun, namun tidak ada yang spesial sebenarnya di ulang tahun saya yang ke 21 itu. Saat itu saya sedang kalap menyelesaikan skripsi. Tiga minggu kemudian, saya pun resmi menyandang gelar sarjana, dan memulai karir profesional di dunia IT.

I can proudly say, 11 years later that, I have no regret at all. Dalam sebelas tahun ini, saya menghasilkan gaji yang tidak pernah saya bayangkan sebelumnya, pergi ke tempat-tempat yang sebelumnya hanya saya dengar dari teman-teman, dan memiliki sebuah keluarga kecil dan rumah kecil yang tak kunjung selesai dibangun :D. For all of that, I thank Him who owns our life.

Cerita seorang teman tentang anaknya yang tumbuh besar mengingatkan saya bahwa waktu bisa berlalu dengan cepat. Tanpa kita sadari, waktu dan lingkungan kita mungkin berlalu lebih cepat dari kita. Dan tentu saja, ketika waktu sudah berlalu, tidak ada yang bisa dilakukan untuk kembali, at least sampai hari ini, belum ada teknologi mesin waktu.

Now, my birthday wish for my 32nd birthday: Semoga, 11 tahun lagi, saat saya mengingat hari ini, tidak ada penyesalan karena telah menghabiskan waktu secara sia-sia.

Lets embrace the future with great things…

My 31st birthday turns out to be a cheerful one.  Exactly at 00:00, 3 person wished me a Happy Birthday. To one of them I promised a Birthday Wish.

Next, after the morning shower, the bank called me for a good news about my mortgage: the special rate is being extended. Suddenly I still see myself surfing at Bali beach next year, yaiy.

The traffic is at ease as well int he morning, since people has started their long holiday from the office. Some of them is babysitting their kids, because the nanny left for the long holiday. Another is travelling to their hometown to celebrate the biggest annual celebration in the country: The Eidl Fitr.

My Facebook wall is filled with birthday wishes as well, so full that I can’t even see yesterday’s notification, and had to scroll 3 pages just to thank them for the wishes. The same thing happened in the office, when they all crowd my desk to wish me a birthday.

The day is getting dark, and my 31st birthday will pass in couple of hours. Before it is too late, its my time to fulfill my promise to post my brithday wish.

“I wish that I can celebrate my 32nd birthday at my new nice small place I called home, with someone I would call my wife.”