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Well… turns out to be that a Master Degree does not necessarily help to climb the corporate ladder. Just recently, I’m officially the office messenger for one day. I was asked to deliver a package of proposal to Balikpapan. What can I say, a day trip to Balikpapan turns to be an eventful trip.

The trip started with ATM hunting. Turns out to be that most ATM is not 24 hour. With not enough cash in hand to even pay the cab, I was forced, and fortunately found one 24 hour ATM on the way to the airport. And just turns out at Starbucks Airport that my credit card is blocked, which added to my necessity for cash. The hotel in Singapore was late to release my bank guarantee, which is causing an over limit in my credit card.

The flight was nice, except that I manage to spill some water on my shirt. Not a big deal. Arrived at Balikpapan, I catch a cab to submission place, only to find out that they are having lunch break for the next 2 hours. I’m telling you, walking on foot with 2kg of proposal was not nice.

Some minor incident are still happening, such as I ended up in a cafe which can’t serve coffee, due to their coffee machine was broken. I finally arrived back to the airport, ready for my return flight. The flight is delayed, and the old man sitting next to me won’t stop whining that, I almost ask him to shut up! It was 9pm, one hour from scheduled flight that we are called for boarding.

Between hungry and sleep deprived, I fell asleep, almost skip my long awaited dinner (No, I’m not being cheap for not having dinner at the airport, but I’m not hungry at the moment, or too sleepy to walk :D). Luck seems has return when the flight attendant aware that I haven’t got any food, and offer me some. Not a special food, but enough for energy to get me home safely.

The whole day was closed with another walk across the terminal for (Again) ATM machine. Yes, I’m in short of cash again to pay a taxi home……


We just discussed a blog post from a well known radio broadcaster ;). He complained about expensive long distance call to a girl in Dubai. Sure enough he received much advise and mocked up by his friends.

This morning, my boss, out of the blue, asked my opinion about joinning project delivery abroad. Destination: Pakistan. So I told She about this:

Me: But seriously…. kalo gua diminta ke Pakistan…. I’ll take it……
Me: Sambil mikir… gimana caranya ngomong ke bokap nyokap :D
She: :D
Me: Semoga pacar gue gak ikutan parno :p
She: hmm parno sih mungkin engga, entahlah. mikirin biaya telp. ke dubai aja mahal apalagi Pakistan :P
Me: *Speechless

It is sucks travelling alone. My friends left last week, and after some chaos at the office, a side effect from Jogja’s Earthquake, here I am, at Changi Airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Shanghai.

Anyway, one interesting thing of travelling alone is, you will pay more attention to details. I’m using SIngapore Airlines now, and they certainly worth the extra price. Their seat are wider than Garuda. And the Internet Check-in allow me to pick the emergency exit seat for the 6 hour flight to Shanghai, the seat which has the biggest legroom.

Oh, and I just found out that SQ don’t fly to Chicago. Well, to my friend out there, tough luck for you :p

And today I tried Jakarta’s Airpot lounge. Certainly much better than Bali’s airport lounge.

Using SQ, I landed at Terminal 2 of Changi Airport. There are Times NewsLink bookstore, which I think a little bit expensive, compared to Kinokuniya. Then a shop selling electronic stuff, including ipod accessories, but no ipod camera connector.

Anyway, enough for now… time for uploading some pics……

PS: The death toll of Jogja’s Earthquake has reached 5.000. Thought and prayer to the dead.

I just get back from business trip from Singapore last Sunday. The business trip was from Tuesday to Thursday. I’m not very eager to go on business trip, especially Singapore, which I regarded as boring country. But I would like to catch up with old friends, and since Friday was a holiday, I decided to stay at a friend’s apartment in Singapore until Sunday. It was a worthy experience, though.

Joining me in the trip was my colleague, an Australian Permanent Resident. He was never in Singapore before, except in Changi Airport and Orchard Road. I decided to show him around Suntec City, Esplanade, Merlion Park, Raffles Place, and Boat Quay. He enjoyed the tour so much, that, upon returning to our Hotel, he said that he would consider working 1 or 2 year in Singapore.

Then, during my extended stay, I got a chance to meet a group of young Indonesian people, who are working or studying in Singapore. They are all between 25-35 years old. Some of them do Scuba Diving, so we were changing stories. One of them is also a sport freak, doing sport almost everyday. It was really a fun evening, chatting with an old friend, met and hangs around with new Indonesian friends, and walking around the Beach of Sentosa Island.

So, what’s so special about those things above? It has made me rethinking my plan to work in Singapore. If Singapore is all the fun, walking around the old colonial city of Raffles Place, or hang around with fellow Indonesian, I would really like to stay there, for 1 or 2 years. For 2 days I was tempted to apply for Permanent Resident.

So whether I move or not, let the time tell you. But for now, I’m rethinking Singapore, from a boring country to a nice place to hang around with fellow Indonesian people.

Similar but not the same, thats what my impression was when first time going out from the Airport. The Airport, which is in the Capital City, was no match of even Jakarta Airport. There are also bad traffic jam during our way to the Hotel, just like Jakarta. The driving style was also the same, they take the leftmost lane, reserved for emergency. There are also homeless people wandering around the street, and hawkers take out half of the pedestrian, again, very similar to Jakarta.

Nevertheless, few things are different, though. They have what I called, multi-level highway, that is, a highway on top of another highway. They also have a mass transit system (BTS, Bangkok Train System), a train running on elevated railway. The railway is also stacked. Looks like the Thai people are really good at building stacked structure. The train system is also very nice. The only problem I found is, it takes a long walk from the station to any of my destination. The language….. I got a headache from listening to the announcement at the airport.

Well…. so much of similarity, but so many differences which I think dropped my mood for the first day.

To be continued…..

I was asked by me boss to go to Bangkok next Tuesday. ‘Wow, going abroad on business trip? It’s a free vacation’, comment some of my friends. Having heard them made me write this blog :D.

I used to be very excited when asked to go for business trip, going somewhere (mostly abroad) on company expense. Same like them, it is like a free vacation. Until on one business trip to Melbourne.

I always have fascination with Australia. They have mixed culture between western and easter country. Plus their beautiful ocean… a nice country to live. And I wasn’t dissapointed having a chance to stay at melbourne for 1 week. Seeing the tourist information leaflet, I could make a list of place to visit, that will take full one week…. but since it is a training…. I have no time for that.

At least, I can go for skiing on the weekend, I thought. It turns out that…… I have another training to attend in Jakarta on Monday. Well….. bad luck eh… got to go back.

You can ask all of your friend, who often go for business trip, most of the time, it will be…. like the name…. business trip, no vacation whatsoever. Might just better if the company just give me a huge paycheck, without any business trip. I could make it better for my vacation trip.

So much about business trip……..