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On Sunday, 26 December 2004, an earthquake followed by tsunami devastated Province of Aceh in Indonesia, and several other provinces in other South and South East Asia countries. Total victim has tolled to 67.000, with approximately 50% in Aceh. Some of the area is still unreachable due to broken infrastructure.

We, fellow Indonesian Diver, was called to provide the aid and information about situation in Aceh in general, and Weh island. The island has been mostly uncovered by the news, and maybe by aid. Our action will be posted and co-ordinated from Yahoogroups mailing list (, and the website (Website in bahasa Indonesia, do contact me for translation).

We would appreciate any kind of help, news, fund, primary needs, volunteer, anything. In return to your help, we can only say thank you very much, and may you be blessed in the coming year.