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This is funny. I just called a property agent to inquiry about his listing on the website. Here is a summarized conversation:

Me: Hello, I would like to inquiry about the property listed in website xxx, located at yyy
Him: Yes, how can I help you?
Me: Where is it exactly located?
Him: Umm… it is located at yyy, close to the toll road
Me: OK… sounds good. Can I have the address so I can find its location on the map before decide a visit?
Him: Umm… I afraid no sir. If you deal directly with the owner, then I will have no commission
Me: (Giving a weird look which he can’t see) OK…. then what about the name of the road, so I can still at least find the location. I can’t find the house anyway without the exact address
Him: Umm… sorry sir, it happens to me before that I miss my comission. If you interested, why don’t we pay a visit together
Me: OK… thanks (Hang up)

Now… a devilish thought came into my mind. One definitely won’t be able to sell a house without a visit, so he would definitely took me there. If I really want to skip his commission, I could easily agree to visit, get to know the owner, and the EXACT location of the house.

What would prevent me to pay a second visit to the house, and deal directly to the owner? Does he stay at the security post of the complex, so he can watch me coming in and out? Even then, I can just ask my friend to pay a visit and talk to the owner.

And if by giving the name of the road he will still have a chance for his commission, he now just lose his chance for it. Not a good move based on a stupid calculation.

A newbie I guess….. good luck for him… may he learn that reward come hand in hand with risk.


There are many cases that, when we are under severe threat, human body can do extraordinary things that they normally can’t do. For example: When chased by a dog, a man can run faster and longer than what he usually capable of, or to help their loved one, one can lift a heavy object which is normally can’t. The situation apparently also true for non physical threat.

Few months ago was tough months for me. The word deadline was enough to describe my days. During that days, my body seems to switch into hypermode the mode of extraordinary power. I have all the power I need to work until 2am, sleep, woke up at 8 and get ready for the day. Then going to the gym at 7, or meet some important person, then work with my colleague to finish my thesis. And all the ordeal finally ends few weeks ago.

Now, the effect of the hypermode creep into my body. I finish my thesis, no more needs to stay alert until 2am, and my body back to normal mode…. and even worse. As if my body recovered from the damage during hypermode, I now feel tired and sleepy at 11pm. Even then, I have problem waking up at 8.

Wish that we have control for the hypermode, but are we going to overrun our body, if we had such control?

THe old saying is “mind over body”. Whatever you think you can do, or will happen, it will be done or happen. But what if your mind is so strong that, your body can’t handle it?

Last few days has been hard, with so many commitment to fulfill. And suddenly, in less than 24 hours, 2 person who doesn’t know each other told me to take some rest. The first one said that your mind might be strong, but your body has almost give up. The other told a story of her friend, who was hospitalized due to mind problem, and advised to change her mindset.

Am I closing to the limit?

We just discussed a blog post from a well known radio broadcaster ;). He complained about expensive long distance call to a girl in Dubai. Sure enough he received much advise and mocked up by his friends.

This morning, my boss, out of the blue, asked my opinion about joinning project delivery abroad. Destination: Pakistan. So I told She about this:

Me: But seriously…. kalo gua diminta ke Pakistan…. I’ll take it……
Me: Sambil mikir… gimana caranya ngomong ke bokap nyokap :D
She: :D
Me: Semoga pacar gue gak ikutan parno :p
She: hmm parno sih mungkin engga, entahlah. mikirin biaya telp. ke dubai aja mahal apalagi Pakistan :P
Me: *Speechless

Just got the sense that, January is the good time to meet people. It is so easy to open up conversation. People just got back from Holiday, and the easiest one to open conversation is just to ask: Where were you on the last Holiday?

Depends on their answer, you might be able to expand the conversation, if you happens to know more on the place he/she went. Or he/she might asked you back about your Holiday, and might just do the same. Then you have a conversation.

Just did that to at least 3 person this morning, and the results is not disappointing. Probably got to make few call to get to know more people, and expand my network :D.

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This restaurant is actually one of my favorite. They serve Manado food, known as hot food due to the amount of chilies used for cooking. It’s specialty? Pan-fried banana, eaten with chilly, and the Klappertaart. And that night, 10 of us went for the restaurant at Abdul Muis, Central Jakarta.

We just know when we arrived that, my friend had a bad experience in ordering. And it turns out that her order was not taken properly. We ordered 20 bananas, but only got 5. They also out of the Pepes Cakalang, a tuna-like fish wrapped in banana leaf and roasted, which is also one of my favorite menu.

Maybe it is really not our day and them, because we ordered 6 red bean ices, one of them came with a small cockroach in it. We complained, only to be handled by some waitress which likes newbie.

We still complain about the order which was not taken properly. We paid for the down payment, so I guess no excuse about our order. Then one of the girls, who was taking our order just passed, and handed down the notes of our order to my friend, no sorry whatsoever.

Well, if I was not disappointed with Bakrie Telecom, this one certainly very disappointing. It is still a good night, though. At least they still have the Klappertaart, and we have good chat with friends. Hopefully the problem is isolated in Abdul Muis branch, not in the other branches.