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With first handover scheduled in less than 2 weeks, the workers has started to attach the door to the frame. Almost all of the doors completed, except for the handle and lock. We even have our bathroom door attached

Walking to the en-suite bathroom for the master bedroom, they have fixed the shower. We can also see the ceiling fan attached and functional, and so does most of the light across the house

We’re counting down now, 11 days before the first deadline. And we’ve started measuring the kitchen set 😀


One of the best progress in the last 3 weeks is: Floor Tiling. Yep… they finally have started the floor tiling. Starting is probably an understatement, since it is almost finish – I would say around 90%. It is a pity though to ask them to remove some part of it, for we have informed them about our plan for parquet flooring.

Apparently they’ve changed to new contractor, which might explain our slow progress in the last couple of months. I was greeted by Pak Marwan, the new contractor. “We expect to finish the house in 1 month”, which trigger a wide smile on our face.

At the front of the house, work has progressed to prepare the car port. Soon, not only that we can parked our car in front of the house, but also we can park inside our own car port. Another worker is also working at our front pillar

And finally the backyard! Finally, they have land-filled the previously empty land. And for the first time in a couple of month, I’m back walking on the backyard.

One hour later, we stand at our soon-to-be dining room. The sky is clear, and wind is blowing through the open space of the house, blowing our mind away into the future. We will have our dream fulfilled in 8 months: Celebrating Christmas in our new lovely house…

All the wedding business had practically consumes all time that we can spared from office life. And for 2 months we have left the house neglected. So, it is only natural that, the first activity we did after we got married is house visit.

This is how the facade of the house look like, 2 days after our wedding.

We are not happy! Left for 2 months, we expect more than a clean flooring and door frame. We were ready to see some works on floor tiling. But, seems the developer face some issues with the contractor that left our house abandoned for quite some time.

Some work has apparently started in front of our house. From 2nd floor, we can see that water drainage has been prepared for the road.

And when we are back 3 weeks later, we park our car right in front of the house. The photo below is taken from our kitchen window.

So, after a super fast progress made before the long Holiday, my house was put on hold. Well, since they are way ahead of the schedule, so no complaint.

But just before the November ends, they resume the work, and in another extraordinary pace. In the last week they have fixed the roof tile of the entire house.

Not only that. They have started to fix the plumbin. And finally, the first tile has been fixed to the 2nd floor bathroom

It is 2pm whenwewere about to leave. Looking back from the main entrance, I’m happy with the evening light passing through our backyard, into the living room and our master bedroom.

Can’t wait till it is completed….

Finally, our house has taken its complete shape.

Yeah, the roof  is still without the tile, but it is showing a very nice progress….

And it has the electrical cable laid. We’re not quite happy with the electrical cabling though, since they misplaced few switches at wrong place.

It is amazing to see the progress of the development of our house. Just end of August, when they have completed the foundation, on early September, 50% of the wall for the 1st floor has been raised.

And 2 weeks later, one day before my birthday, we passed by to see that the building has taking better shape. For the first time, we are able to point to it and say: that is a house, that is our house.

“It will be finished earlier”, the contractor said. This time I believe it will, while still crossing my finger.

Three months. That’s the ammount we waited for clearing the paperwork for our new house, until the hole being digged, and first stone being laid. And the first major works done is the foundation.

Two weeks since the work started, almost all of the foundation frame has been completed. A small mistake in measurement when they put the concrete pillar base was found and corrected. Aside from that, we have been very happy, especially with 35 sqm backyard. Who is on for BBQ party?