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While preparing to submit the floorplan, we visited the demo unit provided by the developer. Armed with measuring tape, we start measuring the unit, window height, width, distance from wall, everything. Almost finish with our measurement, we notice something: a white coffee table with 4 green chairs. The marketing place them inside the demo unit, so they can discuss with prospective buyer inside the house that they will be buying. Then something cross our mind :D.

The demo unit faces west facing the sunset, but our house face east, toward the sunrise. It was 3:30 pm, so we thought the sunlight should be close to the breakfast time int he morning. We start moving the table next to the window, and put 2 chair on the opposite side.

We sat. We picture the rest of the kitchen in our mind – the black granite countertop on the opposite side. The electric cooktop should be on the countertop. And breakfast is served in front of use, with a cup of tea and hot cappuccino.

Breakfast should be nice in the future……….