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I don’t consider myself as someone with even the sligthest talent of art. Not even a little bit. During my school year, I was struggling to draw a Durian. I was so hopeless that my drawing look like a hedgehog with fat needle. I ended up asking my friend’s help to draw the damned Durian for me.

But, things change when I was faced with a toddler, my 3 years old son. He was fond of windmill, and often bring in front of me, a clean sheet of paper and different colour of marker, and asked me to draw windmills.

So, here I am, in front of a toddler, who don’t really judge whether the windmill even look pretty or not. He only care that the drawing has a cross mark on it. Why should I bother? On that day, I express myself in drawing 10 different windmill with 10 different colour, on a piece of paper.

Sepuluh Kincir

Ten Windmill, Ten Colour

For me, it is the best windmills that I’ve ever draw. I don’t know whether my son agreed or not, but he seems to be content. Well, the truth is that, it seems that I have some artist in me after all.

This post is written for WordPress weekly photo challenge: Express Yourself. Well, technically, this is not a photo. I put this up anyway, because this drawing is the best expression of myself to date.