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The presidential election in Indonesia was just finished with fortunately…. happy ending :D. Nevertheless, I can’t stop thinking of one interesting thing, that keep bugging me. During the course of the election, in which one of the candidate was a woman, a highest council of one of religion in Indonesia issued the following words: “The people of the religion shouldn’t be ruled by a woman”.

First, I must say that my religion is not the same of what I mentioned above, but still the point I’m writing is intended for all religion, including my own religion. The question that has been bugging me is: “How far a religion should interfere with human interaction?”.

I believe that a religion is interaction between a person to his/her god. (Read: A PERSON). A person believe of what he/she believe. There are no other person (In my example above, the highest council) have the say of what a person should believe.

Add to the point is, the human interaction. It might be acceptable if a religion said that their follower should follow certain condition to pray, such as wearing appropiate suit, etc. But prohibiting from voting a female to be the president? Well, that’s too much.

Hmmmppppffff…. I can write a long list about how religion affecting human interaction and their value, but I think I have made my point. I just hope that people have mature enough to differentiate how to interact with people, and to differentiate between words of Gods and words from other fellow human………