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In response to daily prompt Kick the Bucket

It took me a while to come out with list of things that I will never want to do. So, after almost 1 month of thinking, this is the thing that I will never, ever, want to do for the rest of my life.

  1. Taking PhD. I told all my friends when I got my Master Degree: “I will never, ever, return to formal school to take my PhD. Remind me, knock my head, and wake me up if I ever tell you guys that I want to go back to school for PhD”. Six years later, I still chant the same line to friends who asked whether I still plan to go back to school.
  2. Climbing the Everest. Yes, it is the highest mountain in the world. Yes, it is the pinnacle of human endurance. But, the thing is that, I don’t feel challenged or intrigued. I never really have much affection towards mountain anyway.

So, that’s all for now. I will come back to this post again should I have another in mind.


THe old saying is “mind over body”. Whatever you think you can do, or will happen, it will be done or happen. But what if your mind is so strong that, your body can’t handle it?

Last few days has been hard, with so many commitment to fulfill. And suddenly, in less than 24 hours, 2 person who doesn’t know each other told me to take some rest. The first one said that your mind might be strong, but your body has almost give up. The other told a story of her friend, who was hospitalized due to mind problem, and advised to change her mindset.

Am I closing to the limit?

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”

Less than 48 hours of our deadline with 2 approval needed. One is running away, one should work from other town, and the last one is hospitalized.

What a perfect example of Murphy’s Law…..

I might have a better workplace, being able to work anytime anywhere, without the need to be in the office at certain time everyday. I might have better computer skill, being able to work on relative complex Excel function, utilizing various MS Word advance feature, and made some good PowerPoint Presentation. And thankfully, I’m also blessed with good analytical thinking to solve complex problem. But with all the blessing I have, does it mean that I shouldn’t expect more contribution from the less blessed one in my team?

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Here is some poeple who I feel as a deadweight to my team

  1. TS. Not a newbie in the office, just someone who is lack of skill, who never want to really learn or read, has no motivation to finish his job, and tend to throw responsibility to others.
  2. NT. 6 months ago I’ve told her to start working on the finance. With all the reasons which would become one blog post, she always delayed it. Now we’ve complete all of our assignment, except her. Add to that her below-average computer skill, egoistic personality, fit nicely as deadweight in the team.
  3. AH, was in my team, now work for my friend. I think he become worst as the time goes. Unorganized, easily give up, easily blame others

What should I do to them?