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Driving slowly alone on Saturday Night, the radio broadcaster told a story about a woman. She just returned from an engagement party of her friend. Turns out that her friend was pregnant, and her friend’s fiancee in the party was…… her boyfriend.

I then remember words said by a friend: “Never ever give 100% of your love to someone, give only 99% and keep the rest for yourself”.

There is some truth in the sentence. You should keep 1%… or maybe 0.5% of love to yourself. Your parents will die soon or later. You might lose your spouse, your kids, or other people you love.

The 1% is: love for yourself. Learn to enjoy life, even when you feel lonely, alone. Do anything you like, or feel right, even when you have noone to share, or accompany you. You can’t turn back time, nor bring back the one you love. What you can do is… move on with the 1% and enjoy live.